Transitioning your Summer Wardrobe to Fall

It’s officially fall, but the temperature it still hitting in the seventies. It’s too early to bring out your winter clothing but too late to be wearing shorts. You’re probably looking at your closet & thinking “Boy, I have absolutely nothing to wear”

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Girl, I hear ya.

I don’t know about you, but, I find this time of year so different to dress for. In the morning it’s cold. By the afternoon it’s warm & by six o clock, the chill is back. (Talk about mixed emotions, Mother Nature)

Here are some of my favorite tips & tricks to make transitioning your wardrobe for fall simpler!

1. Add a Layer

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Favorite Cardigan from American Eagle

Especially in these in between weather days, I love having a cardigan, sweater or jacket to layer with. Layering is such an easy way to elevate any outfit to basic to style guru, instantly. Even now, the air conditioning is still on at school, so you never know what the temperature of the room will be during your lectures.

When in doubt, add a cardigan. Or a denim jacket. I live in denim jackets during this transitional period. Always carry some sort of neutral layer with you at all times, because you never know what the weather/room temperature will be.

2. Switch your shorts for jeans

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High Rise Skinny Jeans from Universal Threads by Target

This is so simple, but also something you wouldn’t necessarily think of either. Put your shorts away, because it is the one piece you most likely will not be wearing right now. Everything else is fair game. You can still get some last use out of your t-shirts & tanks, if you add a layer!

Something I will do, is put on my favorite “summery” outfits, minus shorts & with jeans & a layer. Trust me, this is one of the most fool proof guide to creating an outfit in early fall.

3. Add a boot

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Short bootie by Electric Karma, Bonton (RIP)

Going along with #2, add a boot instead of sandal. (Though I think you can get away with a simple sandal still for the next few weeks) To make an outfit more fall, stay away from open toe shoes. Adding a boot is such an easy way to make any outfit look & feel more fall.

Personally, I like the shorter boots for fall. Taller, riding, or over the knee boots can sometimes feel more winter. You could even get the same look with a loafer, slide or a flat shoe.

Accessorizing with your shoes is a vital step in making your wardrobe fall ready.

4. Switch up your color palette

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From Left to Right: Free People, Lucky Brand, Cable & Gauge

Some of you, like myself, love neutrals for all year long. But, for many of you, it’s time to put away your bright, neon or pastels. (Unless your a total rule breaker, which go ahead & break the fashion norms. I’m all about it)

I go for more muted colors, like your browns, greens, grays, blues and blacks, for fall. For a “pop” of color, I will always go to pinks & mauves. I always like the color palette of nature in fall for my fall clothing.

Making simple switches in your color palette make for an over all feeling of fall with out even trying.

5. pick your favorite pieces & start experimenting

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Denim Jacket from Aeropostale, Long Sleeve dress from Forever 21, Bootie from Bonton

You can do this with your summer pieces, or fall pieces. You will be more likely to love your outfit when you are wearing your favorite pieces. And that’s just a great tip for fashion in general. I always say if you don’t like it on in store, it will sit in your closet without coming out until you’re ready take it to Goodwill.

This also leads itself to some fun experimenting with your wardrobe. I love adding a long sleeve over or under a dress. Adding a felt hat to any look. Add a blazer over top your favorite summer tank. Mixing pieces from summer & fall, make the transition much more smooth & seamless.

6. Missing something? Go to Goodwill

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My recent favorite thrifted tops: From Left to Right: Architect, Orvis, Gap

It’s easy to get caught up with the trends at the moment. When you go through your closet, you most likely will come up with a list of pieces you wish you had. Pieces to make your wardrobe more complete. Look at Goodwill first. Buy your “trends” there first, before committing to spending a lot of money on a piece that you might not wear at all even this season or the next.

Recently, I’ve been on the hunt for basic & patterned long sleeves, fun sweaters & turtlenecks at Goodwill. I like finding simple & fun pieces to wear with just jeans and boots. Pieces that are thrifted have much more character, in my opinion.

The actual act of thrifting gives me such a thrill. You never know what you’ll find or when you will strike gold. Don’t underestimate the power of the thrift store.

I hope you now feel prepared to look your best this fall! Styling for in-between seasons can be so difficult, but the challenge of styling new looks will never get boring to me. Switch up your look this fall. Find your own personal style. I promise the creative process will be fun, & worth it!

xo, mnr

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